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Goth: Music of the Shadows 1

Goth: Music of the Shadows 1

This fiendish mix of cult classics includes the rare and out-of-print first single from 45 Grave, "Black Cross," as well as a new exclusive recording from the legendary All About Eve, plus extensive liner notes by Mick M..


Bauhaus Singles: 1979-1983, Volume 1

Bauhaus Singles: 1979-1983, Volume 1

BauhausWhen sold by Amazon.com, this product will be manufactured on demand using CD-R recordable media. Amazon.com's standard return policy will apply.Bauhaus 1979-1983 Vol.1 by Bauhaus (2000-02-21)..




This is the 21st Anniversary of Cure's masterpiece. The Cure's classic 1989 album has been remastered. Re-Experience the groundbreaking band's masterpiece, remastered to sound better than ever and now featuring complete ..




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Pick Your Poison

Pick Your Poison

2012 release, the first new legit 45 Grave studio album in 25 years. 45 Grave are widely credited with inventing the Goth scene with their dark, furious and sometimes blackly funny music, but they were also known for the..


Dark Music

Sure my Gothic darlings, our fashion style and general aesthetic of the might turn away most straight people, this definitely does not mean they could ever dismiss the music genre known loosely as Goth Rock, entirely.

In fact, the smaller branches of the gothic musical tree include art rock,post-punk, glam rock, psychedelic rock, new wave, and punk rock. Most people are familiar with acts like PJ Harvey, Marilyn Manson, Manic Street Preachers and Nine Inch Nails which have sometimes subtle, sometimes blatant and dark gothic features within their music. Like any style of music, there are some really fantastic artists waiting to be heard but just as many creators of over-synthesized and commercial created pablum churning poser groups flooding the  musical landscape.

Here's a small list of what we consider to be fundamentally influential Goth Rock groups that deserve to be discovered and re-discovered. It's just a list from our own record collection so don't expect it to be some sort of top ten gothic bands of all time. No, my dear, it's just what we like to listen to on a Sunday morning after our nature walks through the Spanish moss.

Most insiders would say we can not actually argue with them and Bauhaus are the group that actually started the movement. Formed in 1978 all the way back in Northampton, England, Bauhaus were just together for several weeks when they went into the studio to record their demo. Among the tunes in the session, "Bela Lugosi's Dead," was used as the group's first single. The tune's impact on the Goth movement in general and the youthful group's livelihood would be enormous. The word of mouth buzz on the group was powerful and quick. All of a sudden there were groups throughout the united kingdom and the States attempting to tap into exactly the same austere sound Bauhaus had created. The matter is they were attempting to figure it out themselves. The group was served by the experimental spirit well.

The Sisters of Mercy
Musically speaking, nevertheless, the group exuded all the characteristics you'd come to expect from Goth Rock that was excellent. The menacing basslines, sexually black lyrics, and dance floor beats that are prepared were a part of the musical DNA of the English group. In addition, they took stylistic opportunities hiring Meatloaf producer Jim Steinman to make some of the content on their watershed 1987 album Floodland.

Siouxsie & The Banshees
This UK act would carry on to burst success in the late '80s and early '90s, but their postage on the Goth music arena is indelible. Like most of the other musicians the members of Siouxsie & the Banshees came in the early punk days of age. Vocalist and all around trend bomb, Siouxsie Sioux was frequently the face for Goth the picture would get covered in the press.

The Mission
Despite the apparent Goth bases within their sound, the musical arrangements of The Mission frequently had the arena-sized dream of U2 circa The Unforgettable Fire. The vocal performances of Wayne Hussey packed charm for the group and days has gone on to affect metal bands like Moonspell and Paradise Lost.

In front of most groups that are remarkable, you'll discover a controlling force. The Cure singer/songwriter continues to be one of the most enigmatic and talented figures of rock and 4:13 Dream, finds, their newest record Smith's the as of writing critical as ever. The beguiling vocal tunes, effect-pedal guitars that are overloaded, and the driving bass lines of Simon Gallup help the group sound like nothing on modern rock radio. But it is clear that The Cure is the boat of Smith.

Robert Smith has also consistently had the smarts to work with engineers and the right producers giving an ethereal haze that satisfies their stuff's broad to records like Disintegration. The Cure will likely become the first Goth group inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, although that actually seems to go against the sentiment that sparked the creation of most of the music in this genre.

Besides their standing in the Goth scene, the diverse musical attack of the group, in addition, has helped get them followings in the surf-rock horror punk worlds, hardcore, and. 1983's Sleep might be 45 Grave's only official studio album but its impact is not questionable to the Goth music scene.

Fields of the Nephilim
Among the hard rock flavored groups, Fields of the Nephilim's greatest strength is definitely their talent for writing killer hooks. Carl McCoy's low toned vocals counter the group's shimmery guitars wonderfully giving tunes like "Moonchild" an additional touch of air. The group's picture, determined by the infamous "spaghetti westerns" of director Sergio Leone, was totally in tune with the cinematic range of these musical arrangements.

Christian Death
It is the narrative of Christian Death and Rozz Williams if there was a rockumentary which should be made. Their narrative has many of the hallmarks of a Hollywood disaster. During the long and tumultuous career of CD they have faced everything to inner-band turmoil and maybe even suicide. Although group tours and still exists to this day, the only content worth your focus is the age when they are led by Williams.

Theater of Pain and Catastrophe Ballet are considered must haves in the Goth world. Everything like fast punk, drone, and the swagger of '70s glam rock told these records and Williams' vocals that are greatly affected brought it all together with an ease that is misleading. Sadly, the singer ended up hanging himself after fighting with personal demons for years.

45 Grave
These L.A. stalwarts combine the twangy guitars of The Cramps with the unbridled energy of punk and marry it with lead singer Dinah Cancer's (brilliant name!) horror movie styled lyrics. Besides their standing in the Goth scene, the band's varied musical attack has also helped gain them followings in the surf-rock, hardcore, and horror punk worlds. 1983's Sleep In Safety might be 45 Grave's only official studio album but its impact is unquestionable.

Joy Division
Joy Division's Ian Curtis might as well be the unofficial king of the Goth Rock world. The second person mentioned in this list who committed suicide, the Mancunian singer's last years alive seemed to be filled with the anguish and dejection laid out in his lyrics. Musically, Joy Division was tight to the point where it sometimes bordered on the robotic stiffness of krautrock bands like Kraftwerk.

More and more, the music of the modern world is created by machines using algorithms and formulas to make sure it fits into a pigeon-hole that the acceptable modern media can consume and profit from. For this reason, much of what is now called Goth is an attempt to regurgitate something dark and beautiful and turn it into a commodity.