See Gothic Costumes For Halloween Here

Now that we are coming to that time of year that we all love so dearly, Halloween, you might be thinking some Gothic thoughts. Maybe there is just a part of you that is just fascinated with Gothic culture in general. What if you aren’t all that familiar with the goth culture, but you want to know more? Maybe you’re not so sure how you can pull off being as Gothic as you would like. Surely you don’t really want to look like someone who is TRYING to be Gothic, rather you want it to seem natural and authentic. Luckily you’re in the right place and we’re going to go over everything you need to know and what you actually need to pull off the perfect Gothic costume. You’ll be able to pull this style off so perfectly that you might want to style yourself like this every day. Without further ado, let’s go over the essentials when it comes to dressing up as a goth whether it’s for Halloween or just to express your very own Gothic desires.

Typical goth clothing is dark, mostly black, but can include colors like red and purple as accents at times. Things like lace, gloves, and corsets are classic goth style when it comes to girls and capes, trench coats and top hats are very Gothic pieces for males. When you dress up goth, you want to emulate a vampire to a certain extent. This can be with the pale makeup, dark attire (obviously), hair dyed either black or red, bloody red accent and lipstick, Victorian influences and more. Vampire style is very inspired by Victorian attire which is where Gothic vampire clothing like suits and ruffled shirts come in. Gothic vampire clothing also includes things like chokers and necklaces and even bow ties that look like bats! It’s not too hard to be a vampire goth, just watch some vampire movies and you can get a good gist.

A huge part of Gothic culture comes to the makeup. Typically you will sport a pale, white face with dark eyes. The eyes will consist of dark and smokey eyeshadow and eyeliner. Not only do the girls wear makeup, guys can too. A common thing women like to do when it comes to Gothic makeup is to make spider web designs or tears with eyeliner. The more the merrier when it comes to this type of stuff. Making Victorian patterns and designs are a huge plus and look very extravagant when combined with the attire. Men who wear Gothic makeup generally sport a pale white face and eyeliner. It is not uncommon for Gothic men to also wear eye shadow and have designed as they please.

The lipstick of Gothic make-up is a whole other aspect. Black is the main color while red and dark purples are also used. The bloody red lipstick is best for the vampire goth look. Black and dark purple have beautiful dark tones and look nicely when contrasted against a white pale face. If you want to take your vampire look to the next level, you should definitely invest in some vampire fangs so you look like a real vampire! A great way to solidify this look for Halloween is to get some fake blood dripping down your chin and if you happen to have a white blouse, get it on that as well. This is the perfect way to be a vampire goth for Halloween time.

Gothic styles like to implement tattoos because tattoos have always been something to get to go against the grain and against the social norm. Gothic tattoos are in black and white and will usually display sad, dark, and angry tones and themes. Things like black and white roses, vampire fangs, daggers and religious or occult themed tattoos are very Gothic style tattoos. Anything that makes you feel dark, gloomy and even a little bit evil will work perfectly in a Gothic style attire and costume. For your Gothic Halloween costume, you should get some temporary tattoos and things like spiders and knives would be perfect.

When it comes to clothes, of course, black is the staple color. Ladies have a ton of options. You can choose from Gothic dresses and Gothic skirts. Any length will surely work, but for the true vampire goth then you should go with something long with a corset for your top. Ladies goth attire is quite sophisticated, especially when you throw in a pair of long black gloves. If you choose on bringing in some colors, like mentioned earlier, go with dark reds and purples as this stays with the dark Gothic theme. Maybe you’ve heard of the term “pastel goth” but this is not true authentic goth. This is a spin off the original style and it is normalized to include light and bright pastel colors. To emulate the true Gothic style, the colors must stay dark. Everything except for your skin is expected to be black and the contrast of the clothing against the skin is one of the most noticeable features of a true Gothic costume.

When it comes to accessories, there are many ways you can go about it. Facial piercings have always been popular in Gothic culture. Earrings are also recommended for you ladies out there. Some interesting and common piercings you can get (you can get fake piercings too) are lip, nose, eyebrow, septum and of course you are not just limited to those. Things like necklaces and bracelets are also highly recommended to complete your Gothic look. You should go with silver and black jewelry because anything that isn’t will look a bit awkward when paired with such a dark costume. For example, gold isn’t going to look that good with your outfit while silver goes much better with your pale white skin tone.

Putting together your Gothic costume doesn’t have to be so hard, it’s actually a ton of fun. Watch some Gothic and vampire movies to get inspired. Halloween is coming around so those types of movies will be inspiring too!