Gothic Halloween

Gothic fashion has always intrigued people. People may love it or people may hate it, but it is certain that they cannot ignore it. Influence of the gothic culture has made up the entire concept of Gothic fashion. But hey, however grotesque they may look, Goth fashionistas prevail all over the world and their eerie sense of dressing and makeup has always instilled a sense of curiosity if not fear, among the people who find it dark. It is often seen that people both men and women have nailed that perfect gothic look for a party. Even kids are not behind. In some cases, their appearance also sweeps past all of them.

Gothic belief owes much to its more profound the famous author Horace Walpole, who had written the book ‘The Castle of Otranto’. This genre dates back to the Victorian subculture rather than its history. The fusion of romance with horror had managed to instill in people a sense of love for death as a beauty.

Gothic fashion inspired people tend to be of two types: one, who is full of fantasy regarding the dead as portrayed by people in the ancient times, up to the Victorian age. On the other hand, there are certain groups of people who like to dress Goth with a blend of modernism as an undertone. Therefore, your gothic dress should be at par with what you are trying to portray.

Do you feel weird by the people inspired by gothic fashion dress up? Or you wonder what it would be like if you too dressed up like them. Believe it or not, Goth fashion can be really gorgeous if you put everything in the right way.

Also, you should remember that in gothic fashion as well. So, here are some of the wackiest tips on how to achieve that perfect Goth look:

Gothic fashion is highly inspired by the love and fantasy of the world afterlife. Hence, the people who prefer to see themselves in gothic style actually tend to embrace death with all its beauty. Hence, in order to get that coveted look, you should look out for dresses that symbolize death, or rather death as an embodiment of beauty. If you want to show up at the party in gothic appearance, you must keep the following tips in mind:

The Look: The aim is to create an enchanted yet fearful look. Therefore, you should use the colors that symbolize death. Black, indigo, dark blue, purple, dull white, grey are the perfect tones.

The Illusion: Gothic fashion is all about setting awe in the appearance. Therefore, it is imperative to create an illusion of beauty as well as a sense of fear. You can take inspiration from the famous novels related to the gothic theme and portray them in your look. For instance, the popular gothic characters which are most commonly portrayed are vampires, pirates, Bloody Mary, Ghost Bride, Jesterina, Mystical Mummy, Tricksterina, characters from the movies ‘Adam’s Family’ or ‘Beetlejuice’ and many more.

The Shoes: Take notice of your footwear. Black leather boots are a must if you want to create a complete gothic look. You can also wear stilettos with the vampire gowns as well as the short clown dresses. Steampunk, Mary Jane, Torment are some of the most heard names of shoes that people wear for a happening gothic look. And yes, do not forget to wear those bloodshot stocking with ghastly designs. Asymmetry can be wonderfully played with in this part.

The Accessories: As for the accessories, you can make extensive use of wigs; artificial fingernails that give an appearance of death and decay are perfect. You must portray the same dark, forlorn look in your attitude. If you wish to reach that daring edge then you may dye your head a decaying red that resembles blood or sinister blue to create the unique gothic attitude. In addition, experiment with something that puts those extra points to your looks. To start with, you can go for witch hats, fishnet veils or capes, vampire fangs, and teeth.

You should also take a chance with the jewelry. Go for the metallic jewelry that tops your entire look. You can experiment with different tones of golden hues as well as white and grey ones to suit your costume.

The Makeup: The makeup must be at the same time very subtle as well as a bold look. Try to create illusions with detailed eyes. You can also play with gothic graphiti on your skin in dark hues like blue, blood red or black. Make sure that the eyes look dead beautiful. Jet black or blood red lipstick should be your pick for the day.

Gothic costumes: When it comes to costumes, you should opt for materials that create the illusion you want them to. As the genre blends in romance along with horror in perfect proportions, it is important that you pick out characters from classics to help you out. Pirate costumes are both stylish and out of the edge and so they give a stunning shot for the best gothic look.

To make sure that you nail the look really well, try out gothic vampire clothing along with eerie makeup. You can as well choose from a wide range of gothic gowns and skirts that will suit the mood of the occasion.

How to be the centre of attraction of a Halloween party?

If you are in love with gothic fashion, Halloween must be your day. To make sure that you are the apple of everyone’s eyes one that day, your look must be made unique and one of a kind. Here are some ways to eke that Halloween makeover:

Dress: Choose your dresses carefully. Go for the ones that are hued mystical blue, blood red or dull gold.
Lips: One cannot think of Halloween without black lips or the ones that look like they are drenched in fresh blood. And let us tell you, moss green or lime green lipsticks are also in fashion now, along with the innumerable shades of purple.
Eyes: Eyes are the most important parts of your face for that perfect gothic look. You can sport smoky eyes and roll on some dusty kohl, smudge it all around your eyes. Let some of the liquid eyeliner rolls down in a beautifully dirty manner. Voila!

Your Halloween look is ready. Play with the blue, red, ochre yellow and green eyeshadows to create that enchanting look.

With all these tips, you are ready to rock that gothic look this year.