The Cult of Vampire Freaks

Websites like Vampire Freaks and Facebook Goth Groups are popular with so-called Gothics, but many of the social media goth sites and groups are for posers and wannabes. The majority of users are either in their teens or thirties, a perfect hunting ground for internet predators. The security measures are no different than many social media websites where the administrators rely heavily on users to report anyone who doesn’t respect the rules and make sweeps of the cults whenever they can.

But dig a little deeper and what do you find? The user groups are called cults and are mostly filled with black-wearing, heavily made up teens.

They run groups dedicated to a vast number of bands, most of which the older folks would consider it torture to have to listen to. Get past them and you will find a few surprises.

The Christian groups were the first surprise. I had no idea there was such a thing as Gothic Christians. They not only have black-wearing teens proclaiming their love for Jesus, but they even have some churches which exist solely as internet groups. Amazing.

I started playing with keywords after this, wanting to see what other surprises would pop up. There are a large number of groups tucked away that are dedicated to various mental illnesses.
I became interested in mental illnesses myself only after being diagnosed as bipolar. These groups, again run mostly by and for teens, are a treasure trove of coping strategies posted by mental health patients.

One of the most serious mental health problems dealt with on Vampire Freaks is cutting. Cutting is an illness I am recovering from. The patient finds release for emotional pain through physical pain. People who do not receive any treatment, or who do not find the level of help they need in time, sometimes accidentally kill themselves when they cut too deep or too close to a vein. It is a rarely publicized fact that this illness affects the elderly as well as the teens.

These cults are run by people who either still cut or people who have recovered and wish to help others. They follow some very strict rules.
In addition to the usual be polite or be removed rules that are common to every gathering website I know, these cults ban any talk that teaches or encourages cutting. The idea is to help others control or completely overcome the problem, not exasperate it.

And then there are a few more serious groups, dedicated to the suicidal and to those whose lives have been touched by people taking their own lives. They offer confidentiality, friendship, and emotional support to help their members wade through the pain. Membership and postings are more closely monitored in these groups.

The cult owners must be told why you want to join and, should you be allowed in, the cult creators will often insist on reading and approving your messages before allowing them to be posted. Too many offensive or hurtful posts tends to lead to your cult membership being revoked.

No matter what your hobbies or what you are going through, you are sure to find others like you here. And not all of them are traditional Goths, either. Search long enough, and you will discover plenty of people who dress and talk just like you.

Why are they considered Goth if they don’t dress like Halloween every day? They consider themselves to be unconventional thinkers. They believe that they see the world differently than the norm, think outside the box if you will. And that’s what this site centers itself around; people who go against the mainstream, especially in their way of thinking.

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